Are you concerned about program scaling?

Why Mentoring?

Mentorship can take a variety of forms. Whether formal or informal, it is the glue that makes an organization more than a collection of individuals. A good culture of mentorship benefits an organization by:

  • increasing morale and therefore retention rates
  • engaging mentors and renews interest in the mission of your organization
  • promoting altruism, which is crucial for institutional knowledge to be passed efficiently

Why Software?

A good mentoring program requires leadership, proactiveness, and organization. However, no amount of these qualities can reduce the amount of work admins have to do.

Traditionally, mentoring relationships are hand-matched. Barring programs that just assign mentors to mentees because "it's your turn," the staff typically has to spend a lot of time collecting and digesting profile information of participants. The staff then needs to spend a day or three in a matching marathon trying to make sure everyone is reasonably matched.

A small number of participants can require a lot of effort, but that's hardly the end of the story. To measure program impact (and hopefully success), assessments are necessary. Many programs simply don't have the manpower to keep track of everyone's progress in a spreadsheet and follow up regularly with their participants.

Imagine what it would be like trying to expand your program to thousands of participants without sacrificing attentiveness to your participants.

Why Xinspire?

We invite you to consider the Xinspire platform for the following reasons.

Our Software

Firstly, our software is built for flexibility and power. This allows us to service a variety of professional development experiences, including job shadowing, entrepreneurship, and networking programs. Our team has over a decade of combined experience developing mentoring software and managing mentoring programs, which shapes the way the software is designed. We have seen mentoring programs of all sizes and structures.

Rather than requiring our clients to follow a rigid structure dictated by an app, our software adapts to their programs. Check out the different types of use cases that our software is currently supporting.

Our flexible and powerful platform comes with flexible and powerful reporting, which allows you to measure your program's health from a variety of angles. We help you easily find and follow up with people who are having trouble or need personal attention. We keep historical data so you can map the growth of your program to report to your stakeholders.

Our Service

Secondly, we pride ourselves in being responsive and helpful. Our Director of Client Relations built a mentoring program from the ground up and managed it for several years. Our founder used to run backend operations for a large online mentoring program at his alma mater. We want to help our clients build strong programs that will stand the test of time, so we consider every question or piece of feedback from a short-term as well as a long-term perspective.

We want you to have no regrets working with us. If you have an existing program, we will help you incorporate your existing process into our software. If your data is on another system, we'll help you migrate. If you're just starting out, we'll help you set up quickly. As your program evolves, we'll be there to help you reconfigure your software on the fly.

Our Stance

Finally, permeating our company culture and our client relations is our conviction that people are made for community, and community requires relationships that are deeper than transactions. Friendship fills this need horizontally, and mentorship fills this need vertically.

Our software empowers: it takes care of the nitty gritty details so that the administrators can focus on high-touch assistance. In the process, we walk alongside you, providing insights from our ever-growing pool of knowledege and experience. We are committed to your program's success.

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