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Improve mentee success. Develop future leaders. Build community. Xinspire is a customizable platform that helps mentoring programs scale up and thrive.

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“Xinspire is easy to use and is always offering new innovative capabilities and interfaces.”

Caitlin Wyler Associate Director Northwestern Alumni Association

Tailor-Fit Solutions

Bring all of your programs together under one easy-to-use and clean platform with your institutional brand, without sacrificing each program’s uniqueness.


Pair students with alumni or professionals for a duration to work on mutually-agreed goals.


Facilitate quick, unstructured mentoring for one-off advice.


Group mentees and mentors based on shared goals or identities and facilitate small group interactions.


Give students and alumni the opportunity to connect and learn from their peers.

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Feature-Rich Platform

The famous mathematician Pierre de Fermat was infamous for scribbling in his notebook, "I have discovered a truly marvelous demonstration of this proposition that this margin is too narrow to contain," regarding proof of his Last Theorem.

We feel the same about our software. Describing all its remarkable features in this limited space is a challenge. Below, we highlight just six major features that greatly benefit both admins and users. However, if you find this margin too restrictive, delve deeper by booking a demo with us!

Intuitive Interface

Enjoy easy navigation with our mobile-friendly and user-friendly interface, suitable for users of all experience levels.


Effortlessly manage your mentoring program logistics: automate intake, matching, and follow-ups.

Extensive reporting

Gain insights into program performance and participant engagement through extensive configurable reports.

Single sign-on

Facilitate secure and smooth authentication with Single Sign-On (SSO) integration.

Algorithmic recommendations

Optimize matches based on compatibility and objectives using customized algorithms.

Suite of management tools

Access a suite of management tools for comprehensive oversight of your programs.

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World-Class Service at a Reasonable Price

Whether you are transferring an existing program or launching a new one, our Client Success team ensures a smooth and efficient implementation process from start to finish. We handle all the details, allowing you to focus on what matters most—mentoring. Enjoy unparalleled client support and expertise without breaking the bank.

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