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Customizable mentoring software.

Your program doesn't fit into a neat little box. Why should your software?

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The Importance of Context

A mentoring platform needs to be context dependent. No two mentoring programs are the same, because no two organizations are the same. Programs have different goals, exist in different cultures, and serve different groups. A faculty mentoring program will look very different from a youth mentoring program. A peer mentoring program will look different from a credentialing program. A searchable network is not the same as a mentoring program.

We created the most flexible relationship platform in the world because we understand the importance of context. Whether you’re looking for directory software, a networking platform, or something to run a traditional structured mentoring program, our platform can be configured to do any or all of these things in an integrated manner.

No software can replace the role of the program manager. Recognizing that, we designed our platform as a tool for administrators to scale their mentoring programs to thousands and tens of thousands of active users with control and ease.

Manage any type of mentoring program with total control.

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Customer Highlight

How Northwestern University is Using Xinspire

Read why the Northwestern Network Mentorship Program chose Xinspire for their large-scale program to connect alumni with current students as mentors and mentees.

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The Humanity Behind the Tech

Permeating our company culture and our client relations is our conviction that people are made for community, and community requires relationships that are deeper than transactions. Connection is just the beginning of a relationship. A robust, healthy, deep relationship takes time and energy to nurture.

Unless you’re running a directory or a networking database, a good mentoring program will take a lot of work. You will need to deal with real problems in an effective way, whether that be relational dysfunction, conflict of interest, or ethical quandaries. (We’re still human after all, and no technological “solution” will change that.) To help you, we offer online training modules for participants. Workshops for administrators are available as well.

We walk alongside our clients and help them develop a program that not only succeeds, but that lasts.

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