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Product Overview

The last mentoring platform you’ll need

Say goodbye to giant spreadsheets, manual matching,
and limited follow-up.

Seamlessly run multiple programs, each with different rules, admins, participants, and content.

Support different program structures

Membership Directory

Hold all your members' data in a searchable directory with strong privacy controls.

Structured 1-to-1

Set up time-based programs with specific milestones and assignments.

Group Mentoring

Create and manage small mentoring groups.

Flash Mentoring

Give mentees the benefit of "warm contacts" from mentors willing to answer one-off questions.


Create a pool of searchable users open to contact from other members in the network.

Flexible and Scalable

If you’re a university, you may have dozens of mentoring programs running across different departments or affinity groups, each with their own goals, program structure, and culture. Bring it all together under one easy-to-use and clean platform with your institutional brand, without sacrificing each program’s uniqueness.

If you’re an association, our platform can be used as a membership directory that also supports on-platform messaging.

If you’re a company, you can upload your training material and deliver them through our platform.

Whatever your use case, the Xinspire Mentoring Platform was built from the ground up to adapt to your needs. It is not just another networking database. It is a full-featured relationship management and communication platform.

Read our clients’ testimonials for use cases

Whether you have 100 members or 100,000, our platform scales with you.

Simple for Participants

A mouse cursor clicking on a button to create an account

Step 1


3 students on the left are matched with 3 mentors on the right, with lines connecting them.

Step 2


A student using their laptop to get in touch with their mentor.

Step 3


Two chat bubbles, with one overlaying the other.

Step 4

Share Feedback

Increase engagement with platform features such as...

Single Sign-On

Users can log into your existing identity provider for single sign-on access.

Email Campaigns and Integration

Encourage users to maintain their relationships via automated emails that they can simply reply to.

Algorithmic Suggestions

For people who aren't sure what they're looking for, the system suggests mentors based on similar interests.


Give users the ability to interact with the broader community through topic-specific forums.


Set up milestones to keep relationships on track.

Collaboration Tools

Mentors and mentees can schedule meetings, share documents, and RSVP for events through the platform.

Educate your users with...

Customized Trainings

Conduct trainings either online or in-person.


Share helpful videos, documents, or links to improve relationship quality.

Guidance Prompts

Set up guidance prompts to help participants craft their messages.

Powerful for Managers

Our platform is a one-stop-shop for admins with all the management tools needed to run an effective mentoring program.

Event Management

Create and manage events through our platform. Track RSVPs and attendance.

Email Management

Send one-off emails as well as customized email compaigns that support mail merge functionality. Track click and open rates and view email statistics.

Content Management

We provide a content management system that allows you to customize to fit your school's brand.

Survey Management

Easily create surveys and view results.

Form Management

Customize your registration and profile forms.

Choose between matching models

Semi-Automated Matching

Algorithms present one-to-one or group matching assignments to the admin. Admins facilitates matches.

Ranked Matching

Mentees apply to mentors, and then mentors review and rank applications. Algorithms present matches to the admin, who facilitates the matches.

Search & Request

Mentees search for and request mentors. Participants facilitate their own matches.

Gain insight over your program


Stay informed of your program's health via our expansive reporting tools.


Use our in-platform survey management features to send and collect survey responses.

Contact form

Users can report to the admin directly.

Secure, Private, Accessible


Our cloud-based platform is hosted by Amazon Web Services. Using cloud infrastructure is cost-effective because we manage the servers and software upgrades at scale, so it reduces your overall IT maintenance costs. It is convenient because there’s no software to install. It is current because you will always have the most up-to-date version of our software.

Secure & Private

We employ secure practices to maintain the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your data at the infrastructure as well as the application level. We have built-in granular privacy controls so that users have full control over the visibility of their data.


We also pride ourselves in writing accessible software. We strive for WCAG 2.1 Level AA compliance because we believe in everybody’s unfettered access to the web. Run an accessibility evaluation on this site to see for yourself how it compares to competitors.


We have translations in English, Chinese (Traditional), Spanish, French, and Korean. More available on request.