One Platform to Run Them All

Connection. Conversations. Community. Host all your mentoring programs on a single platform for a unified user experience.


Seamlessly run multiple programs, each with their unique rules, admins, participants, and content.

Membership Directory

Hold all your members’ data in a searchable directory with strong privacy controls.

Structured 1-to-1 Mentoring

Set up time-based programs with specific milestones and assignments.

Group Mentoring

Create and manage small mentoring groups to facilitate discussion, meetings, and milestones.

Flash Mentoring

Give mentees the benefit of “warm contacts” from mentors willing to answer one-off questions.

Hybrid Mentoring

Allow mentees to explore and engage with multiple types of mentorship.

Participant-Minded Features

Boost engagement and success with our intuitive interface, designed to foster user engagement.

Single Sign-On

Make it easy for your members to sign on.


Set up milestones to keep relationships on track.

Collaboration Tools

Allow users to schedule meetings, share documents, and RSVP to events.

Email Campaigns

Encourage users to maintain their relationships via automated emails.

Algorithmic Suggestions

Give mentees a jump-start in searching for mentors.


Give users a place to interact with the broader community.

Educate and Train

Provide administrators the capability to develop a comprehensive resource library using our software.

Customized Trainings

Conduct scheduled trainings or upload webtrainings for your users to go through at their own pace.


Share helpful videos, documents, or links to improve relationship quality.

Guidance Prompts

Set up guidance prompts to help participants craft their messages.

Flexible Structure

Explore various matching modes designed to meet the goals of your program, whether you want to run a simple network, have students apply to job shadowing opportunities, or bulk match mentees and mentors in an admissions program.

Semi-Automated Matching

Algorithms present one-to-one or group matching assignments to the admin. Admins facilitate matches.

Ranked Matching

Mentees apply to mentors, and then mentors review and rank applications. Algorithms present matches to the admin, who facilitates the matches.

Search and Request

Mentees search for and request mentors. Participants facilitate their own matches.

Administrator Powerhouse

Our platform is a one-stop-shop for admins: all the management tools you need to run an effective mentoring program at your fingertips.

Email and SMS Messaging

Send one-off emails and texts as well as customized campaigns that support mail merge functionality. Track click and open rates and view email statistics.


Stay informed of your program’s health via our expansive reporting tools.

User Management

Oversee and manage participants’ access, permissions, activities and mentoring relationships.

Events and Scheduling

Create and manage event RSVP and attendance through our platform.


Send and collect survey responses natively through the platform.

Content Design

Manage your platform’s content to align with your branding, including your own fonts, styles, and more.

Forms and Workflow

Tailor registration and profile forms to your particular needs and ensure easy onboarding from start to finish.

Data Synchronization

Various data import and export options make it easy to synchronize data between systems.

Accessibility and Security

A mentoring platform should be easy for everyone to use—we think that’s the right thing to do. To that end, Xinspire is committed to the ongoing work necessary to provide a mentoring platform that is safe and accessible to all.

Secure and Private

We employ secure practices to maintain the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your data at the infrastructure as well as the application level. We have built-in granular privacy controls so that users have full control over the visibility of their data.


We pride ourselves in writing accessible software. We strive for WCAG 2.1 Level AA compliance because we believe in everybody’s unfettered access to the web. Run an accessibility evaluation on this site to see for yourself how it compares to competitors.


We have translations in English, Chinese (Traditional), Spanish, French, and Korean. More available on request.