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How it works for users

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Choose from 3 different matching models

Search & Request

Mentees search for and request mentors. Participants facilitate their own matches.


Algorithms present one-to-one or group matching assignments to the admin. Admins facilitates matches.

Applications & Ranking

Mentees apply to mentors, and then mentors review and rank applications. Algorithms present matches to the admin, who facilitates the matches.



Generate buy-in. Be relieved from the burden of hand matching. Give your mentees the responsibility to search for whom they want.

Warm contacts

Eliminate the awkwardness of cold-calling via introductory emails.

Introductory messaging

Users exchange messages before finalizing the mentoring relationship to ensure a good fit.

LinkedIn import

Users can save time by importing profile information from LinkedIn or your own custom data source.

Automatic suggestions

For people who aren't sure what they're looking for, the system suggests mentors based on similar interests.

Structured guidance

Built-in features such as milestones keep relationships on track.

Collaboration tools

Mentors and mentees can schedule meetings, log interactions, and share documents.

Tracked email communication

Mentors' and mentees' email replies can be automatically logged.

Regular checkup

Encourage users to proactively initiate and maintain their relationships via timed, automated emails.

Unprecedented flexibility

Customize everything from your registration process to your follow-up strategy.

Powerful reporting

Easily track relationships and pull reports that are meaningful to your organization.


Host multiple mentoring programs for your entire organization, each with its own administrators.

Automated follow-up

Set up helpful reminder emails and resources for your users to guide them throughout their mentoring relationships.

Content management

Easily make documents, videos, and other resources available of value to your users.


Connect with to your existing identity provider for single-sign on access.

Algorithmic matching

Customize your own auto-matching algorithms.

Group matching

Create and manage small mentoring groups.

Responsive support

High-touch consultative services included with your subscription.

Hosted Solution

The software is hosted on Amazon Web Services. SaaS reduces your overall IT costs because you don't have to buy and maintain your own redundant systems.


Web security best-practices are employed at the infrastructure as well as at the application level according to the OWASP Top Ten.


We strive for WCAG 2.0 Level AA accessibility, and design our software with that in mind.

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