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About Us

No two mentoring programs are exactly alike.
Our team and software help you achieve your goals.

Our Mission

In this age in which social platforms abound and the trend is toward transactions over relationships, connections over conversations, contacts over community, we want to bring the focus back to mentoring. We believe in the importance of investing deeply. Through our highly-customizable platform and research-backed consultative services, we help organizations achieve their program goals.

Xinspire stood out to us because it’s
a small company with attentive,
driven, and thoughtful employees. Caitlin Wyler Associate Director Northwestern Alumni Association

Our Roots

Xuan Wu (Stanford Electrical Engineering ’06, ’08, ’13), our founder, developed the software behind Stanford Alumni Mentoring program (SAM) from 2008 to 2013. Near of the end of grad school, Xuan founded Xinspire to bring the benefits of mentoring software to other universities. He has a decade of experience writing mentoring software.

Unlike most Silicon Valley startups, we pride ourselves in being independent of venture capital. That means there are no investors breathing down our necks demanding unreasonable growth rates and unsustainable spending in anticipation of a quick exit.

Having grown organically for about a decade, we now work with a diverse set of organizations to offer a powerful platform that meets needs in the mentoring and professional development space, and streamlines program managers’ efforts to start and sustain their initiatives. Ultimately, the Xinspire platform and team are all about making mentoring thrive.